Hi, my name is Bernhard Henger, I have recently immigrated from Germany to Australia as my wife is Australian. I am fluent in German, English, French and Dutch; I also speak some Spanish, Italian and Russian; In addition I have done extensive Latin studies during my schooling.

I have been tutoring maths and general science, as well as English and German for foreigners for the past few years and would like to continue tutoring in Melbourne. In fact, I love teaching and I am considering changing my career direction and starting a teaching degree. I have consistently received very good feedback about my teaching style, which has been described as calm, reassuring and motivating. I teach both science and language subjects.

Part of my work as an agricultural insurance consultant/loss adjuster was based in Belgium and the Netherlands, so I had the chance of bringing my French and Dutch language ability up to fluent levels. Teaching languages is always a wonderful experience for me as I am able to assist my students in broadening their cultural awareness as they expand their language abilities.



Hurstbridge, Melbourne