Bonjour ! I’m an experienced, qualified and passionate French Tutor. I’m also a theatre director. And I have continued both careers since I arrived in 2010

In France I studied Ancient Greek, French literature, Science of language, Methodological Grammar as well as Drama and Set Design.

I’ve taught French Literature for a year to high school students during my own study. I used to teach “la belle langue” to foreigners on the top of my theatrical activities in Paris for 4 years. I specialised in exam preparation for foreign students.

I offer one to one courses and also group courses for two or four persons maximum, if you wish to learn French with your partner or friends.

I teach several methods depending on your expectations:

_Conversation course for those who wish to travel or simply improve their spoken French:
This course is based on conversation on the everyday life situations to allow you to speak a colloquial language. You’ll learn idiomatic expressions, basic grammar, practical vocabulary and good pronunciation. I will also propose you different exercises based on French songs, French literature or French current affairs, just for a pleasant change.
I can adapt this course to all level from complete beginners to advanced.

_Improvement course: French literature & French History courses for those who want improve their knowledge in French language but also to become familiar with our cultural habits and fully understand the France of today, its society and political debates: This course is based on French poems, extracts from famous French novels, summaries of French History and articles from French newspapers and journals.

For Intermediate and Advanced.

_Tutoring for High School students:
This course aims primarily to develop the student’s conversational skill by practicing idiomatic structures, colloquial expressions and spoken syntax. I also assess the Grammar level and work on Listening comprehension, Reading and Essay writing with the student.

_VCE preparation course for the students of year 12:
This course is dedicated to train the students for the oral and written exam of VCE It aims to improve their conversation skills on one hand and make them familiar with the form of the written exam one the other hand. We will work on all parts of the exam: Listening comprehension, Reading, Essay writing, General Conversation and Detailed Studies.

_Intensive course: 1 hour, 3 times a week during 4 weeks.
For those who want to make significant progress in a short amount of time. This course allows you to enjoy a full immersion in French language. Ideal for complete beginners! You’ll reach a comfortable level quickly and will be able to continue with weekly course more easily. Also available for people who want to perfect some particular aspect of their knowledge in French language.

I am very versatile and I will adapt the method to your level and tastes!

_In January, I’m offering the French intensive week: 1hr of French everyday for 5 days for 1, 2 or 3 weeks.
-Ideal for High School or University students before the start of the year to refresh and assess your French. For VCE students, I offer the VCE training intensive to prepare for the final exam.
-Perfect for beginners to have a taste of French and experience what it would be to learn a language.
-Also suitable for Intermediate and Advanced to refresh your French and focus on a particular point or field you’re interested in.



Brunswick East, Melbourne

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